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Split Wide Open

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 26, 2007

The movie ‘Split wide open’ is directed by a young Indian director Dev Benegal. The confessions are funny, crispy and sad. It is the tale of a person (Rahul bose) who sells tank water to the poor,  and his ten year old adopted sister sells flowers on the streets to earn and is waiting for her next meal. He accepts her as his own sister and more shockingly, his sister mysteriously disappears. When he doesn’t find her around, he misses her a lot. As time goes he searches his sister here and there madly. Once he succeeds in finding her and when he asked her to get out of the clutches of the man [he is about 50yrs old and he is having a young daughter who is of marriageable age] who gives her everything for his desires, she just ten year old girl simply turns him off saying that “All men are the same!!!!!!”

The ‘Split Wide Open’ has been picturised on so called modern people of mumbai but nevertheless, it also has knocked the door of everywhere in the Indian society. Director tried to present the mentally sick people, whom we always find in reality. However, I should say it is the paradigm of girl child exploitation and has also figured out the child sex industry where people are just trying to satisfy themselves by doing such a sick behavior against humanity. Is this what morality says!?

I have watched it long back during my gradutaion course, but I still remembered whole movie. It was first time my eyes were just not able to believe the scene happening in our well cultured society. What I found in it, is that the well educated so called modern people do this kind of sick job just for the taste or in the name of modernisation. I really do not understand that is it the gift of globalisation in Indian Culture or what!?

After watching this movie I can not stop mentioning that is what India and being Indian means to people! I found movie is under the head of philosophy- ”Ganga, flowing on…..” but the only difference is in place of water “tears flowing on….!”

To repeat, it is a movie with realistic characters and situations of our well educated society.

7 Responses to “Split Wide Open”

  1. Though I have not seen the movie, but must be painful !

    Thanks to the intellectuals’ efforts, who depicts the portrait of the so called affluent society and the truth – that is suffering underneath – sobbing – unnoticed !

  2. Ek Ajnabi said

    The brutalities like the one has been mentioned by the author can come to an end only if every citizen of the nation contributes to kill the biggest unified devil ‘The Addiction.’…….how many of us have raised our voice against the selling of ‘drugs in the market’? Sexual sickness is perhaps similar to the effect of drugs that has been the result of dirty atmosphere and who created it ?
    Such problems will essentially be carried with the society until the Indians are grown up and wise enough in a sense to understand the truth and decide their action accordingly.
    We should thank the author who at least has made an effort to make us aware of the weak society, we live in.
    Everything will be fine when “Indians will learn to live for the Country, and not for themselves”.
    In all, we can only hope for the best and rest is up to the Almighty.


    Keep Smiling

    Ek Ajnabi

  3. Mamta said

    i never heard of this movie…but sure i l watch this….
    it not just in the so called morden society but its in every society…
    its sad v v sad

  4. Suraj P Borkar said

    Dirt does not belong to any specific group, cast, or community. It belongs to each and every individual and hence to society. Movie- “SplitWideOpen” brilliently depicts, behaviour of people of various genre (psychological), may be it’s Lead -water seller played by Rahul Boss, or his horney girl friend-a press reporter, or LAWARIS- girl- Flower seller-played by child actor (BANDIT QUEEN Fame) or Bussiness man…played by Shivaji Satam(Hats off to the actor for playing such a difficult and evil character) or Charch Father- who teaches english to our Desi-andSadak Chaap Hero. Only poor thing about the movie is…it’s in hindi and english…but english sometimes seems unnecessary. Good thing about the movie is- the subject the movie deals with. Rest of the things are fine-average. Ek baar dekho..Mr Dev Benegal deserves this much atleast.

  5. Amit said

    I have not watched this movie but I have watched ‘Page-3’. You can also see the real act of child exploitation. Yesterday I was reading in a magazine that charter loads of planes full of wealthy white men arrive in Goa every once in a while. Do you know that the child sex industry in Goa (and elsewhere too) is thriving?

  6. mehhekk said

    this is very filthy act in society,even little girls r exploited,havnt sen the movie but efforts of filkmaker to give the message must be appreciated and ur efforts to put it here and show the realism was nice.puts pain in heart.

  7. Ranjeeta said

    [she just ten year old girl simply turns him off saying that “All men are the same!!!!!!”]

    To some extend, she is right. Sexual exploitation of children rising in indian society. People have lost their moral values in this fast modern life.

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