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Is it feminism or something else…?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 22, 2007

Well, if you ask people about cooking they simply say its women who do this job easily or its women’s job.  Why not indeed!?  I know we women have this creativity but why don’t they think it’s good for them if they too try for this creativity?  The truth is, as we now know all too well that women can’t be expected to do it all.  There are lots of women who have always hated cooking now in modern culture.  I think it’s a bit sad, if it said that they don’t know cooking at all!  That’s a common perception, but it simply is not true, because I feel “this is the thing I am most grateful for.” And I am learning to be expert in cooking:) 

Nevertheless, it’s their personal choice whether they cook or not.  But I think its worst when some of the well educated girls as well working women (so-called modern) who flaunt and say, “I don’t know cooking or I don’t know how to cook!” Is it feminism? I don’t have words for them.  They are not glorifying feminism by saying such thing but they are just being superficial or they want to pretend themselves as superior.

However, I would also like to add about guys who think cooking is JUST a woman’s work. Bakwassssssssss! I think guys should also try their hands in this.  Anyway, it is always giving good feeling if you feed others and make them happy.  They must have the taste of this feeling.  After all this also is an intellectual creativity. But then I have seen many guys who are excellent cooks and they turn up tastiest of dishes in a jiffy!!!!![I hope that MY HONE WALE PATIDEV will be a member of the fraternity of good cooks] 😉

Note: My writing has not intention to hurt feminism, infact I speak for it……!


35 Responses to “Is it feminism or something else…?”

  1. Prem said

    I guess, this is something else…. called the art of entering heart through the way of stomach, can be applied for anyone.

  2. Ek Ajnabi said


    “I hope that MY HONE WALE PATIDEV will be a member of the fraternity of good cooks.”

    All the best…:)

    Keep on Smiling

    Ek Ajnabi

  3. Dheeraj said

    yaa, cooking is personal choice….It is an art ….but i don’t think that doing a good job for u will not be of ur interest ….

  4. Ranjan Kumar Behera said

    Yeah U r right..by the way u are always right..

  5. Ashok Seth said


    Again many-2 thanks for your wonderful topic.

    Well, I think your way of expression in this article is so good and I believe, peoples after reading this topic will defiantly do something either in positive/negative way, but I appreciate those are taking the same as a positive way!!!!.

    Beside, this is in respect of your last line of this topic. (4 MHWP will be a member of the fraternity of good cooks.”) as per my opinion when u expect something that may not be necessary u will get the same and vice-versa.Best of Luck!!!

    I am jumping from subject. Apart from above, really I like very much the comment given by Mr Ajnabi Gi… Sir/Madam Plz Keep it up.

    All the best


  6. Mamta said

    BUT I DO…
    mujhe cooking bas kabhi kabhi acha lagta hi…if u l tell me to cook daily its like u r teeling me to study daily…

    yes its a art depend on ur interst..
    i loveeeeeeeee to eatttttttttttttttt

  7. maniz said

    hey dedz……..delisious………yeah …i too agree with you and your wayz….the so called western modernizied get up of gen..x women to show up their intellectuality…..dono cooking,the traditional ways…..i m not the age long women ..i hav changed…ha..ha
    I too believe its something related to our traditions,coming from one generation to ours ..moms recipe.. so cweet ….something more than just the ingerients used…….a large amount of love and and affection…..which is not available in any cookrey books on e-cooking mails……….so the so called x-lady/gentleman is not a good cook…..n she/he will be like this until…..they r missing the essential ingredient……..which only few dear ones like u,smriti di, having……………………….
    so keep loving …..keep coking………n keep blogging

  8. Mukesh said

    Sabse pahle do ande (Eggs) lo…ab ulte khade ho jao…..ande ko pan mein dalo…phir padmasan laga ke baith jao……bechara amitabh bachchan…usse bhi badatar halat thi hamari jab hum tokyo city mein aake gire…..khair I agree to some extend with Rewa but phir bhi I believe, jaise bolna insan ke alawa koi aur janwar ke liye possible nahin hai usi tarah khana banana bhi men ke bas ki baat nahin hai…rahi baat kuch good gents cook ki to aise to Tota bhi bol hi leta hai..
    khair kabhi sabji se jalte to kabhi roti jalate hum do joon ki roti pakane kabil ho gaye aur sochne lage ki jab hamari shadi hogi to humein bhi achcha khane ko milega…lekin thanks to rewa jisne meri aankhe khol di…mujhe nahin pata tha ki kuch ladkiya khana banana janne walon ko bhi inferior samajhti hai (soch samajh ke faisala karna padega)……….
    PS: this is not a true experience..(Kyonki wo to isse bhi ganda tha)

  9. Mr. Ajnabi said

    Ashok Seth said:
    “I am jumping from subject. Apart from above, really I like very much the comment given by Mr Ajnabi Gi… Sir/Madam Plz Keep it up”…..I liked your words and that we should appreciate the good efforts of others as the author is doing by posting articles and poems.

    Thanks for appreciation.
    Mr. Ajnabi

  10. Dino said

    (I hope that aapke HONE WALE PATIDEV will be a member of the fraternity of good cooks)
    iske liye to aapko bahut mehnat karni padegi…
    ham batate hain aapko, ki kya krna hai…app 16 monday tak fast rakhiye to defiantly aisa hi pati milega jaisa aap chahte hain….
    Hamari subh kamnayen aapke saath hain… . 🙂

  11. Anjali said

    At first, I doubted if feminism has something to do with cooking coz most of the top shefs are male. I thought feminism has something to do with love, care, affection and creativity which comes with the gift of child birth. Earlier, women’s job was confined to household coz they were child bearers and no one else was better qualified to take care of the little one as they can, and their love made cooking and other household jobs painless pleasure. Later, it was labled. However this is my theory.

    As I talked to my Nani(Maternal grandmother) over this, she told me that like jelousy, cooking is also a feminin quality.

    Then my theory took a turn……..donno if it took right turn or left……….but finally I agree that cooking is a femininistic quality. But who said ladies must be feminism and gentlemen can’t ever have it?
    Take for example……stitching and art is said to be one of feminin things but most of tailors are male. More so, we have male top dress designers in fashion indusrty. That proves men can have feminism.
    On the other hand, all women are not as sofesticated as whatz defined under feminism. So, letz agree that feminism, like many other human qualities, is not bounded by gender biased…………for once, against men[he he he he].

    Now I know few people are gonna say “men can cook at 5stars but does anyone wants to eat at 5stars daily? No, they need home made, coz lovez an ingredient in whatever a woman makes.”
    So my anticipatry bail……ooops….anticipatry argument is “no one wantz to eat at 5stars daily, not because they start missing a woman’s handmade food, but because their digestive system can’t survive that rich a food daily”.
    Besides, there are men who have passion for cooking and they even cook at home for their wives and kids. Love is never missing then. CHALLENGE!!

  12. veerendra said

    For those of u who r less experience than me…let me tell u something abt how to impress ur wife ( if u want to) by helping her in kitchen.
    1- Each time ur baby cries..u shud run upto the kitchen and start cooking (a better option than changing dipers).
    2- Always say something good abt her cooking no matter how good/bad it tastes(otherwise u will be the one to cook next).

    At the end..some sincere suggestion–
    3- If u really love ur wife..get up early on sunday morning and prepare a nice breakfast before she wakes up.
    What else would be better for her than watching her husband infront of her with breakfast and smiles.

    AFTER ALL THIS ..I M SURE U WONT HAVE TO SEE POSTING LIKE “Is it feminism or something else…?”.
    Enjoy ur married life and if u r alone(like me)..waiting to get married is still a great fun.


  13. I am happy to read everybody’s comments here…..!

    And thanks to everybody for their comments and I would like to add something.

    Mamta, I love people who love to eat and also love to cook for them. Try to visit my place soon, you are most welcome. Waiting for you. 🙂

    Maniz (shikha), hmmm…..you have changed and started to learn cooking…! I still remember vegetable sandwitch prepared by you and your lovely way of serving to me, missing you. 😦

    Mukesh, achha laga aapnka ande ka funda padkar….waise aapki aankhen bahut jaldi khul gayi hai, ishliye ab ande and vegetable ke alaawa kuchh aur bhi banane ki sochiye…and it would have been nice if you would have written your true experience here…. 🙂

    Dinoji, subhaan Allah…..kya khub kaha hai…..shukriya ji! aapke suggetsion ka kya kahna…..bahut jald hi start kar dungi. 😉

    Anjali, agreed wid you, no one wants to eat everyday in 5* hotel. Everybody wishes to have simple and homemade food to be served with full of love and affetcion. In btwn Miss Scenorita, Naani wali baaton se mujhe Dadi maa ke nuskhey yaad aa gayi… 🙂

    Veerendra, tusi ki haal hai? Tumhari wife to bahut khush rahegi. I liked your suggetsion number 3rd… 🙂

  14. Prem sir, your guess is right! It seems you are learning this art. 🙂

    Thanks to Ek Ajnabi for your best wishes for me.

    Dheeraj and Ranjan…..so take it positive and try to learn this art… 🙂

    Ashok, thanks for your best wishes and advice, definitely I would take it in positive way!

    At last thanks to all my readers who took it positively and also thanks to those who took it in negative way…! 😉

  15. Soumya said

    cooking …..needs a little effort but gives a lots of pleasure and satisfection…
    i dont cook very often …but whenever i do the food becomes deliceous….
    i m a girl staying alone and doing PhD. following 12 hours a day and seven days in a week job schedule…but i feel satisfied at the end of the day when i eat dal, chawal cooked by myself only….but frankly speaking i dnt do this daily…

    I know a guy who become relaxed by cooking only…he is also staying alone, preparing his food by his own daily…i must emphasize daily…he sounds so sweet while he describe abt his cooking and all …i just love him..

    who cooks well should be proud enough….this is rather an art of satisfaction…

    Thats all…..soumya

  16. Hmmm…So hard working gal doing PHD, sitting in the lab whole day and still believes in cooking! One must learn from you, good dear…keep it up!

    By the way who is that guy jo itna mehnat kar raha hai and you love him so much? zadu hai tera hi zadu…. 😛 pyar, isq or mohabbat ka zadu hai sab…. 😉 I think, I must appreciate both of you….!

  17. Soumya said

    thanx rewa…
    its not any jaadu…
    its like
    tere liye hum he jiye ….har aansu piye…
    dil me magar jalte rahe chahat ke diye…

    we beleive in…….. simple living …high thinking….

    take care all….

  18. Aditya said

    I am not agreed. I mean if it comes in form of job, men are still dominant but in most of the house women use to cook the food. In fact its not abt food, its about caring about family. Woman can take better care of family.
    Waise bhi, How many women are cook in hotel or resturents….. i think only few percent……
    But when it comes to taking care of family … women are far ahead of man….. thats why most of the women cooks and …..so..

  19. Nishat said

    Cooking is a art that an interesting that makes us to breathe and it is equal among men and women and everyone should know this art.

    I love cooking and i cook well and I love sweets most and my friends love my makers.

    I hope that my life partner should also be cook well. 🙂

    I am going to have sweet made by rewa as i living next to her home.

  20. Surabhi said

    Another good one..!
    Cant say much other than ‘I’ll definitely start trying my hands at cooking now..’ 😛

  21. Vishal said

    Nice article. It is definitely an art. My beloved wife loves cooking and I just try to put food on the table! 😉 But I know how to chop onions. 🙂

  22. Nidhi said

    Everyone loves to describe cooking as an art but it is not fact. I will describe cooking is a ‘TALENT’ and if you practice it every day (if the goal is to learn to cook) you would be the master of this.

  23. Vishal said

    I have this TALENT 🙂 may I recommend some books? 😉

  24. veerendra said

    I dont have that talent to cook ..but I can learn to cook to keep my partner free from this messy business.Every night we will dine out together and I’ll cook breakfast on sundays before she wakes up.Hope this would induce in me some talent to cook and serve.

  25. Hmmm….Veeru….urf urf….kuchh nahi…. 😉

    kya baat hai….Are you trying to impress gal or wat? By the way achha tarika hai impress karne ka. 😆

    kahin aisa to nahi tumhara future planing partner ke sath milkar bawarchi khana kholna hai? 😛 just kidding.

  26. veerendra said

    nach na jane aangan tedha.
    jalne wale jalte rahege..pyar karne wale naye raaste banate rahege 🙂

  27. veerendra said

    aur haan..yeh jo aap bar bar veeru likh rahi hain..meri gf ko pata chal raha hai. woh badla lene ke liye betaab hai

  28. Hehehehe….mujhe nachna nahi aata but I know how to dance 😛 Ahha to tumhe babarchi khane se pyar ho gaya hai…dhanya ho tumhara pyar…amar rahe tumhare pyar cooking ke sath 😉

    Veerji…apni GF ko cooking ke liye achhe se trend karna….warna sabkuch se jalne ki smell aayegi 😛

  29. veerendra said

    khabardar…meri gf ke cooking skills ka mazak banaya to. apse acha khana bana leti hai woh. 🙂

  30. Veerji, lagi Mirchi jore se…….hihihihihi 😆
    Thora dhang se apni gf ko cooking sikhaya karo tab hi mirchi kam lagegi….waise ek kahawat tum per fit kar raha hai…..khishiyai billi khambha noche 😛

  31. amu said

    ya i m agree with u.

  32. amu said

    actually mera hubby mujhe khane me help karta hai.aur isse mujhe kafi khushi milti hai.humdono ko acha khana khane ka shaukh hai, aur isliye humdono milkar banate hain.
    and i dont think ki agar main khana banana nahi janu to main smart ho jaungi.haan agar koi ye samjhe ki khana banana to bas girls ka kam hai, to ye galat hai.timing aur mood ke hisab se decide karna chahiye ki aaj kaun khana banayega.

  33. mehhekk said

    do no mil kepakao aur khao aur khilao,nice article,i do coooking rewa even i am modern that to everydy yaar.

  34. अगर नारी से जीतना चाहते हो तो कभी उसे पुरुष बन के हराने की चेष्टा मत करना। क्योंकि उसे तुम कभी नही हरा पाओगे। नारी को नारी बन के हराया जा सकता है। और एक यह भी की —–मात्र किसी शरीर पर स्त्री अंग विकसित हो जाने से कोई नारी नारी नहीं हो जाती । लोग फेमनिज्म की बात करते है। स्त्री स्वतंत्रता की बात करते है । पुरुष् के बराबरी के लिए उकसाते है। लेकिन बराबरी तब करते है जब कोई किसी से आगे हो। नारी तो पुरुषो से सर्वदा से आगे रही है । फिर बराबरी क्या करना। बराबरी नारी को नहीं पुरुषो को करनी है। नारी के पैरों में जो बेड़िया लगी है और जिस रंस्सी से पुरुष ने पकड़ रखा है उसे तो नारी को काट फेंकना है । जिससे वह पुरुष से और आगे निकल सके । पुरुष की सफलता नारी बनने में है और नारी की सफलता पुरुष को नारी बना देने में है। दोनों एक ही सिक्के के दो पहलू है।भोजन बनाना केवल नारी तक सीमित नहीं है । ईश्वर चंद्र विदयासागर, लाल बहादुर शास्त्री, गांधी, ढेर सारे महान व्यक्तियों ने अपने से भोजन बनाया है ।

    हर पुरुष को दूसरों को बीबी और अपना बच्चा प्यारा लगता है
    सत्य है
    तो सत्य यह भी हो सकता है कि
    स्त्री को दूसरे मर्द और अपना बच्चा प्यारा लगता है
    तो भी कभी भी और पर गांठ लगाने की कोशिश मत करना
    क्योंकि जो काम हम बिना गांठ के कर लेते है
    वे काम औरते गांठ के भीतर
    बड़ी आसानी से कर लेती है
    आप मानो या ना मानो
    सत्य यही है।

  35. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    Dear rewa
    I agree with you,you have very analytically initiated topic on cooking.Now my impressions on this attribute are as under;
    1.Females can still be regarded as feminine even if they do not know how to cook!I never saw athena/helen of troy/cleopetra’s photograph showing them cooking
    2.Males who cook well cannot be regarded as deminine in charactered because most of the Indian wrestlers cook their own food!Also 90% chefs are male!
    3.Cooking is one attributes which decorates further the beauty of female and lovability of a male! Imagine,tired and hurt you come from your office after having a bad day or had a heated exchange with boss you lie down silently and your spouse offers you hot crispy snack with tea! I am sure at that juncture you will find him most macho man—-!
    In the same way dejected by the ordeals of proving self a man falls home in confusion and with blokade of thoughts then suddenly wife greets her with refreshing beverage and food of his choice and lo! his creativity triggers off again!at this junture the hubby shall hum a long forgetten lyric ,Han ! special hay wo humdum meri———!
    4. In todays world where moll culture syndrome is creeping in the married lives ! both husband wives are thriving on semi cooked our junk food !thereby loosing cultural link with the rich culinary tradition too! i remember I still pluck cordia [ लसोडा/लेसवा ]from my garden and make pickle for whole family along with my mother.It makes my shivering aged mother very special and important!
    5. Cooking adheres the bond of love between husband-wife and keep alive the warmth! One day my wife riddled and asked me that if she goes on a date with her colleague than what shall you be doing / I said i will keep good food ready at home —-?
    She said you are still the sanme as you were ten years ago!
    6. As a parent also we can give a special touch to our children.On every weekened my kids give me responsibility to make breakfast,I cook dishes giving them funny international names and we relish the process of preparing food.
    7. Cooking is a tension burster as you know great philosipher once said that a man can forget his every pains and sorrows if good food is made available to him!
    8. A party becomes very gala if I cook and barbeque in my garden !
    9.In our religious scriptures also culinary art is regarded as one of a major skills among 56 kaushals which a man must have.
    10 last but not the least,in solitude it is one of the best way to keep you engaged.
    So I invite all the natives of this website to join me at eden where I shal serve eucharist and ambrosia.
    Happy dining to all
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

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