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Child Labour: Compromising tomorrow for today…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 14, 2007

Few days back, I was going through one of my friend’s blog and there was a post written on “Boot Polish boy“.  According to the writer, he and other person helped that boy with Re. 1 or whatever.  Actually, he used a tag word ‘gentleman‘ in his post for that person who helped the boot polish boy, which is not digestible for me.  Anyway, when I read it there I felt bad, it’s really disgusting the way they helped him. They didn’t help the boy in any sense but it was a way of showing sympathy. I mean “daya dikhana.” But how far?

We still look our history and feel proud… but why!?  Why one should feel proud of it if beggars are roaming on the road with empty plates?  Why one should feel proud of his/her country, where child labour exists?  Does it make sense in our so-called well-educated developing society?

Nevertheless, I too feel proud of my Country, but instead of helping him with rs. 1 or 2 or whatever, I would prefer to force him to go for study, bcos sometimes even advice doesnt work. Yes, I know people may say….”yeh uske roji roti ka sawal hai“(its a matter of his survival)….but I think if today he gets money by doing such work then tomorrow he might not be getting his future bright.

Presently his small hands may be working hard to maintain the family but what about tomorrow? What about his next generation? Again his next generation would prefer to choose the same easy way of earning money where one can not fill even his own stomach? Will his family stay a boot polish family forever? Will they not become doctors, engineers, CA or even a clerk? Probably they can, if they are given a chance!

Few questions came to my mind which have posted in my next post. Continuation of this post are here: https://rewa.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/child-labour-a-pathetic-practice/


17 Responses to “Child Labour: Compromising tomorrow for today…!”

  1. roushan said

    You raised a nice question Rewa. The question first came in my mind when I read the story “CHHOTA JADUGAR”. The poor guy in the story was working to save his mother while his father was in jail (during movement against britishers). That was a touching story. Our country is free now but there are several children like chhota jadugar just working for basic needs of their families. You and your friend talked about the boot polish boy but there are many other categories; there is a large no. boys commonly named as chhotu, working at tea shops at roads and at dhabas, there are some other chhotus and small girls working in houses, there are small girls and boys with plastic bags collecting garbage, there are beggars…………….. The list goes on.
    At the same time, when I read the story Chhota Jadugar, I read something else. It was about “charwaha vidyalaya scheme” of newly elected CM of Bihar Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav. That time I thought it a useless idea (I was too young to understand things). But whenever I saw any other chhota jadugar I just thought about things. Now I feel the idea of “charwaha vidyalaya” is good one. On one hand it may help in giving better quality education to those small young workers(Govt may provide better quality education too, Navodayans know it well) on the other hand the can work and earn for their needs.
    Thanks Rewa for the issue. If you have some idea about the forgotten idea, lets discuss. I am serious about making a plan related with it.
    after all we are the part of the personality of Mr. Indian Government.

  2. Mamta said

    its a gud topic but u need to exist in reality
    even i know a guy who work in day time n go to school in nite.
    i beleive we just need some level of awarness.thr r many ngo for these people but only 10% get to know this….
    so instead of giving them money or forcing them to study let them know tht htr r thousand of people to help them.
    if u really wanted to do somthing.start colecting info abt ngo n give them…
    thts it its simple n easy

  3. well in this situation i will say that, let him work at their place, and if you have something in your hand to offer, then try to deviate the child from the work and bend him/her towards the correct path. The NGO’s work on the eimilar track. they will not curtail the child labour abruptly, but they will provide better incetives for choosing the correct path. and at last this is in human nature to choose the higher incentive path. and when he will realize the power of education and quality life(satisfactory conditions )then why the hell they will move back?


  4. Satyajeet said

    I hate discussing these topics but ends up reading the opinions.

    I hate to discuss because I know the solution but am not able to implement them.

    Its not only me..

    it seems like people enjoy discussing hot topics, as it satisfies there ego in some way..

    kya ye samajhna bahut mushkil hai ??

    agar aaj rashtra ki seemaye samapt ho jaaye, jiski mai nahi samajhta ki koi jarurat hai.. saare yudhh khatm ho jaay, desh aur rashtra ki raksha ke naam par hathiyaro ki kharid farokht par khatm hone wale paise agar jaruratmando ki jarurat poori kare, ek dusre se aage nikal jaane ki jagah ham sab apne apne life ko jyada se jyada hasmukh banate chale jaay, vikas ke naam par kharch hone wala paisa vikas ke nam par kharch ho, to koi karan nahi vishwa me koi bachha bhukha mare..

    but sunane me thoda ajeeb lagta hai..

    koi bhi baat..kahi se bhi shuru ho..
    uska samadhan globalisation aur meditation par aakar khatm ho jaata hai..

    sunane me thoda atpata sa lag sakta hai..

    ghise pite shabd..

    but gulab ki khusbu kabhi purani nahi ho sakti..

    purane phul sookhte rahenge
    naye phhol khilte rahenge..

    jab bhi khilenge..kisi bhi rang me
    unki khusbu kaayam rahegi..

    mai child labour par kuchh bolna chate hue bhi nahi bol pa raha..

    wazah ssaf hai

    unki majburi hamari di hui hai,unke massom haatho me jeeavan ki tazgi khatm kar dene waale hathiyaar par hamaare naam ankit hai..

    kam se kam jale pe namak na chhidku..haa..itna to mai kar hi sakta hu.

  5. Roushan, I still rememberd that story and it was in our syllabus. All child labour is like a chhota jadugar, Jinke hath mein jadu dikhane ki capability to hai but dikha nahi sakta!!
    We are able to recognise the child labour but we probably sweep this issue under the carpet in our country. Politicians and their powers that be seen often turn blindly. Instead of learning the ABCs in the classrooms or playing in the playgrounds, these children who are to be called as Indian capital, perhaps will never know what it is to be a child. Yes, “charwaha vidyalaya” is taken as a good initiative for this problem, but it seems that too got vanished. I think now its not there to be seen.

    Mamta, yea I agree with you but why don’t they get to know about these NGOs? We see day by day media is getting so much popularity but then why still people do not get to know about this?

    Sumit, how he/she will realize the power of education with empty stomach where he/she first needs meal of the day!!?

    Satyajeet, you can hate this kind of discussion but you can not ignore to see them with empty hands on the street where you walk proudly! Will you able to do that?

    Thanks for your comments, more I will continue writing it……!

  6. maniz said

    when it becomes a habitual senario,very often we use to forget or bother to forget to judge the happenings around us……….cause it needs…..our involvement…..sometime mentally or physically or physichologically…….and in this mechanical era every one is happy(so called)…..to live up their day just their own day……to end of their days without adding anything more to their stress level…………but i m proud to know people like u SMRITI DI,…who use to think for them ……with other means possible,gave ur PRECIOUS time atleast for think about them.HERE………they are really the one who makes us feel how previledged are we…..and few lines for them..

    array dekh chaay dukaan ka raju..bechara,
    bharat ke bhavish ki tasveer….,
    kahte hai yuvayoo ki hathooo mai hai,
    to kyah issay bhi bhavish ki un
    yuvahoo ke me shamil karenge….?
    kyun hoo tum yahan parakhnay wale…?
    dekhoo jaraa gaur se bharat maa
    ke us poot koo,
    itnay bare prajatrant ka bhar..,
    garibi aur berojgari pe bade -bade,
    parshoon ko naa uthaate huyay…,
    uda raha hai chaay ki juthe pyaloon ko,
    aur kar raha koshis jijoor..,
    unhay….. kuch kum karne kaa,
    aapni nanhi hatheliyoon se,
    nahi chahiyay tuhari dayaa,
    jo hayk hai uska,do use,
    do smaan……….
    vo bhi to hai desh ka sapoot

    thankx ….rewa di for rising and writing of these issuses common yet need a lot of our common sense to impliment…

  7. Maniz(Shikha)!!
    Really surprised to read your good, original thoughts on my post! Great poem, heart touching and very moving indeed….
    Have you listened this song sang by Lata? If not then listen once, this song is from the movie Pukar and also you will find chidren’s voice in this song…..lines are….

    Ek Tu Hi Bharosa
    Ek Tu Hi Sahara
    Is Tere Jahan Mein
    Nahi Koi Humara
    hey Ishwar Ya Allah
    Ye Pukar Sun Le
    Hey Ishwar Ya Allah
    Hey Daata!

    Though this above song is not related to my topic but try to listen it…….anyway, I am waiting to read next encouraging and mind blowing thoughts from you!

  8. Rewa Smriti says:
    Sumit, how he will realize the power of education with empty stomach where he first needs meal of the day!!?

    well, i am totally agreed that the primary requirement is essential but being in that also, u can make them realize this….i will give u an example.
    In our institute, in the canteen most of the waiters are boys, and u can see the so called child labor prominently there. that is not pathetic…they are treated well either by the customers(Students) or the owner. but still they were lacking there education.
    in hall-04 few students started teaching the students there and i am proud that the key student was a navodayan. Here they are not giving them any career sort of thing. but don’t u think that merely this step will encourage those boys for their zeal to study, as among most of the works in this world studying is easier and effective. I had been in personal touch with a mess worker in my earlier hostel, being in touch with we all, he was enthusiastic about the education, but not for him, for his younger brother. Is it not good.
    i will suggest that the so called highly educated and successful persons should go to some small tea stall and similar places where this type of practice is there, project urself decently and talk to them. Merely this, influences them to achieve something.
    anyway this requires some courage to make urself free from our hypocritic status quo.


  9. Mamta said

    this require ur valuable time sir….

    i dont think any so called succesfull have time for all this n this is fact….
    even i started this.i still remember i use to teach my laxmi di daughter(see my in my school mess)..see love to see her daughter to study..she used to keep her daughter in gal hostel in study period n all gal used to teach her…
    people want to study n thr r people who want to make this possible…but NO TIME…
    n this the fact…
    wht is required is ur time not ur money…..

    so use ur saturday n sunday….

    but i m sure no one do it…so people go to sleep..yaha likhne se bas wahi log aware honge jo already aware hi…

  10. veerendra said

    hello didi
    sorry to post it here..but kaushal ka miss call aa raha hai. Aur BSNL ka network one way chal raha hai. agar usse bat ho to usko plz bata dena warna next time bhav khane lagega 🙂

  11. Vivekanand said

    Hi all,

    Child labour sometimes back i have heard famous quote Child is the father of man’ Our great Visionary Builder of Modern India Pt Nehru said ” For making our nation we have to first give our child best future.
    On the UNO sides we have UNICEF they are promoting and endorsing so many programmes in this regard.

    According to our constitution Right to Education is his fundamental right and govt is trying to improve these condition by several ambitious programme like as SARV SHIKSHA ABHIYAN and compulsory elementry condition free meal scheme and govt. is providing free education.

    But the Govt. Needs support of parents and citizens for making anything successful.
    Its democracy, so we are reponsible, Even govt has made law adn Media is also playing key role for promoting eevrything. But if we listen any words for govt then we can say.

    Now Do you know i conribute my 80% salary fro disabled and orphans and some poor society,
    our juniors are runing NGO for Under Previliged Childern and promoting them. We are providing the Comp eduation adn elementry education to them vocational trainingt o females of uncivilized area.

    So UNO and Govt is trying to Help those NGOs and people who wants to do something for society, the govt,. can give assistance and help and guidance we citizens should do something in this regard.
    So i hope some of you guys would come forward and contribte something in this regard for removing this social evil. We have to make this revolution for social awareness . AS UNO reprenstative i must say UNO and Govt of India would support you.

    Thanks and Regards

    Senior Consultant
    Economic and Rural research

  12. Vivekanand said

    Hi Dear,
    If any body want to make NGo then they are free to contact, but coem forward dear, if you really wnat to do or just dictating things is easy.

    Anyone interested to do something just call me or mail me in this regard.

    Thanks and Regards
    Senior Consultant
    Economic and Rural Research
    SAARC Region
    Coutry Office
    New delhi

  13. rohit said

    em very happy mr vivekanand i will talk with you soon.

  14. Nice site….

    Wasn’t exactly looking for this site, but cool….

  15. Nihar Ranjan said

    Irony of our country !

  16. Omprakash said

    जिनको जाना था यहाँ, पढ़ने को स्कूल।
    जूतों पर पॉलिश करें, वे भविष्य के फूल॥

  17. […] we chant gayatri mantra?Do women need reservation?महफ़िल-ए-मुशायरा!Child Labour: Compromising tomorrow for today…!What do you mean by स्वतन्त्रता? For NavodayansA Regional Cultural Meet & […]

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