Turning the wheel…

…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

Those silent words…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 8, 2007

I am thinking deeply
About those silent words
The words of my choices
I have never spoken
Trying hard to speak
I have to accept it
The word I could not feel
That follows my dreams
Will it turn to reality?

There are few words
To be explained in silence
They are in my heart
Which are not to be told yet
It demands courage
I know that I have
Hope I will speak out one day
Those lovely unspoken words
They are precious for me..!



14 Responses to “Those silent words…!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    “About those silent words
    The words of my choice
    I have never spoken….”….seems like writer has weaved many beads in a small thread. …..”There are few words
    To be explained in silence”….again indicating something special. And at last…….it reads “Hope I will speak out one day
    Those lovely unspoken words
    They are precious for me.”………..we pray for that time to come as soon as possible……….whether it is realistic remains to be seen…..

    Good Luck

    Always Keep Smiling

    Ek Ajnabi

  2. berojgari ki haad dekhni ho to koi yahan aakar dekhe.benam janab jab bhi dekho likhte firte hain..kya khubsurat kam karte hain.pahli commentry inhi se suru hoti hai..kya ada hai !!! masha allahhhhhh !!!

  3. Hi Arun,

    Once Anjali requested me by writing a comment on my blog that not to stop my admirers for putting their comments here. So let this Ajnabi write comments on my blog. Whoever he may be but I appreciate him, he has a great taste of poetry and I guess a friend just testing my capability to recognize him.

    And thnx to Mr. ajnabi for his comments on my blog.

  4. Anjali said

    We live in the country of one billion people. To add to this, internet is globle. And this blogsite is for eveyone to access and read. You can’t know everyone personally, not even by name!

    There are many people who just read blogs and go to the next blog but there are only few who take pain of writing blogs. They are admirers or critics. They MUST be appriciated as they give time and effort to write so nice words and good advices.

    Don’t loose those few!!

  5. i m not against any one commenting here and dere.i just feel wondered/amazed that some fellow has nothing to do than these things.apprecetaion is always welcomed with whole heartedness but when some one is crazy doing this job then he/she must have planned doing so.How the hell can somebody be the the 1st person to write comment on all the articles….???.this sipmly imply that he is sitting and minutely wathcing for any update to this blog and may be he/she wants to create an impact on the heart of writer.sorry ,i dont know your gender thats why always used he/she 🙂
    lastly would like to say

    ummid ki shama jalti rahni chahiye
    us kalam se o sabd nikalti rahni chahiye
    ho na ho intezar hai “unko” bhi chhalakne ka
    ye intezar hai inko bhi kuchh chalkane ka
    main to tisra banda hoo bas tamasha dekhne aaya hoon
    ladayi mat karna o benam parinda..
    kuchh kankad patthar bhi sath laya hoon 🙂


  6. I agree with you Arun. I always respect everybody’s comments but if any of my admirers are trying to make impression here, then I think it’s their stupidity or useless effort. And I would not let anybody here to cross “Lakshman Rekha” on my blog! I have a “Lakshman Line” for my admirers and I hope none of them will try to cross this line.

  7. yessssssssss
    thats the punch.You are so so so welcome.!!!

  8. Siddharth said

    Seems like proxy war going between India and Pakistan…! No need for “Trying hard to speak”, just use pen and paper..!!!

    Anyway, let me guess the meaning or summary of poem: “Iss Pyar ko main kya naam doon” .. 🙂

  9. Siddharth, this is a place of full shanti….so no war at all! hmmm…..guess marne mei koi harz nahi hai….keep guessing… 😉

    Anjali, I got your point….. 🙂

  10. Aditya said

    Upar se gaya??? explanationwa….dijiyega to na pata chalega?

  11. Aditya sir!

    Wo poem ka andaaz hi kya jise padkar ek hi baar mei samajh mei aa jaye! So try to read it again and again….its very simple and I am sure, you will get it….. 🙂

  12. Satyajeet said

    ye poem achha hai….without tarka..
    happy journey.. if you want to move..


  13. shashi said

    silenace is the greatest argument…i speaks loud even when we are tight liped…
    this nicely cmposed poem of urs is another example of these established cliche

  14. Amit said

    “There are few words
    To be explained in silence”

    Perfectly written. by the way what are those words? Just kiding 🙂

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