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I was so dumb…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 2, 2007

Brings back a lot of memories of small incidents of my school days. It was a winter season. I was in class 7th. It was our daily ruting to get up early morning so that we could reach for PET class on time at 5:30am. That time we had only one hostel for girls called Saraswati house in my school.

Anyway, that winter night me and my friend Swarna told by one of our senior Shilpi didi from the first batch that ‘you both try to get up early or ek baar uthane se uth jana.’ Then we replied…..’hann didi ham uth jayenge.’(yes didi, we will get up) Didi said ‘dekhte hein.’ 🙂 Because she knew about both of us very well and she was quite sure that we will not get up before them. But that night we both planed well and decided to wake up a little early so that we will do some study, also we will wake them up. Accordingly we did same, by mistake Swarna woke up early morning before me and woke me up. It was still dark in out side, as I was still feeling sleepy so she passed paste and brush to me and also she told me ‘don’t sleep more’ 😉 and I just replied slowly ‘theek hai’.

We both went into bathroom to brush our teeth. Suddenly, I asked her why foam is not coming to my brush, she said ‘sone se nahi aayega, brush karogi tab hi aayega.’ I said ‘kar to rahi hun’ and again after some time she was asked same question by me. Then she told me ‘dekho mera to aa raha hai’ and she asked me ‘have you taken paste?’ I said almost unconsciously, yea! I hav taken paste, but after some time I felt and found the smell of something else then I asked her to check it. She also felt same and started to laugh at me.

Nevertheless, she did a very good job! She went back to room, woke them up and said everybody about this. When I entered, all were laughing at me with her as it was natural and I tried to protect myself. So, I said everybody that ‘isne mujhe diya tha’ and the moment she started to laugh, that time I thought of scolding her but she was continuously laughing at me. Truly speaking I too was laughing with them at myself. It was so unexpected. I didn’t know what to say. How I could laugh at myself, but I did so!

Dear readers, you know what did I take instead of paste? I took boroplus instead of paste. 😛 Thinking back, I was so dumb, why didn’t I take paste! But that morning something was definitely wrong with me. Believe it or not, but after this incident, it never happened again with me. I am missing those days now and feel to say….“koi louta dey mere beetey huey din..!”


16 Responses to “I was so dumb…!”

  1. Siddharth said

    The title needs slight modification….!! It should be..
    “I am so dumb…!” 🙂

    She is the perfect victim, prey or target for April Fool, any time of the year.


  2. Anjali said

    Beete hue din will retun as soon as u take boroplus AGAIN in the place of paste. he he he he…..

  3. ruchi said

    Anjali 🙂
    beware bachcha! abhi hostel kaun jaane wala hai?!!…aur bade bade hostel me aisi chhoti chhoti batein to hoti hi rahti hain , senorita!

  4. shweta said

    hmmm…….so at ne point of time, i cant expect nethng else from u…….u still are the same innocent kid whom v need to wake up nd scold for breakfast…
    newaz it was really dumb nd laughable incident…….nd u r honest enuff nt to cross the names(i do that)i cld ve changed the names like the person who was laughing ll b victim in my story…… 🙂

  5. nice and naturaly honest confession of this innocent but having some age; mind.”boroplus rakhne ka yahi natija hoga na”.so remain as natural as possible to defy these incidents.


  6. Fultoos funny !

    May this be the reason that, the Colgate (Oh, Boroplus!) smile works as ‘Boroplus’ for others’ small hurts and wounds !

    Keep smiling.

  7. Dheeraj said


    aap ne to 7th me paste ki jagah boroplus liya tha lekin mere saath bhi 2 saal pehle aisa hi hua tha…


    magar kisi ko pata tab chala when everthing was finished..
    boroplus ki jagah, saving cream ne le lithi..

    Dheeru Bhai..

  8. Dino said

    ab new add banega
    master ji: rewa beta tumhare daant to bahut chamak rahe hain kon sa tooth paste use karte hoo….
    rewa: master ji main apne daant boroplus se saaf karti hoon…
    boroplus saare daanto ki chhutti kar deta hai……..

  9. Ek Ajnabi said

    Koi lauta de mere beete hue din…..but it never happens…as they say time is a powerfull destroyer…..these are only the sweet memories through which we are able to feel the bygone interesting real stories…welldone Author…..you have really reminded me those good old childhood days………

    Keep Smiling

    Ek Ajnabi

  10. Dr TZ said

    Great Past memories

  11. Life is full of experieces, we know people by time not by experiences.

    Always follow the thread and reach out the years to learn more about the person whom you know.,

    Apprecitate Rewa for taking out the time to put forward the experinces.

    We are enjoying the schools days in each conversation.

    Murali Aruna

  12. Iam laughing at you bcos u have done a childhood thing and u hav remind my old days .Beete huey din kaun lauta tah hai .When i was 2yrs old i used to eat pencil led. i never forget my old days.

  13. Amit said

    One of the funniest EPISODE 🙂
    Boroplus kha to nahi liye the 😛

  14. Vishal said

    hahahaha. you were so dumb, but you are so smart now. 🙂

  15. Mysterious said

    hey its really funniest one. sometimes i thought why i became elder…those days gone forever…only memories are with us. saare raste kahin kho gaye,haye hum kya se kya ho gaye.

  16. mehhekk said

    he he enjoyed reading still uncontrolable laughters.

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