Turning the wheel…

…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

It will leave behind a mystery…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 13, 2007

I am an open book,
but it is not easy to read,
you can not read it,
I will not let you read,
if you try,
you will get failure,
so always be the winner,

I can not see you,
as defeated or loser,
can’t even see your eyes,
sad and depressed,
with full of tears,
just for a small cause,
let it be closed forever,
it has many chapters,
with shadow and waves,

I know, you will definitely try,
at least once to read a chapter,
dark and lovable letters,
but its tough for you to read,
you simply can’t understand,
it is black and blank for you,
even if you want to read it,
wait till my death and until then,
I am not that easy to let you read it,

After my death,
I know while you will read this,
I would not be in this world,
to see you and your smily face,
will not be here to make you,
understand the toughest chapter,
so again this readable book,
will leave behind a mystery…!


5 Responses to “It will leave behind a mystery…!”

  1. dino said

    khubsoorat hain woh lub
    jo pyari batein kartey hain

    khubsoorat hai woh muskurahat
    jo doosron ke chehron per bhi muskan saja de

    khubsoorat hai woh dil
    jo kisi ke dard ko samjhey
    jo kisi ke dard mein tadpey

    khubsoorat hain woh jazbat
    jo kisi ka ehsaas karein

    khubsoorat hai woh ehsaas
    jo kisi ke dard ke me dawa baney

    khubsoorat hain woh batein
    jo kisi ka dil na dukhaen

    khubsoorat hain woh ankhein
    jin mein pakezgi ho
    sharm o haya ho

    khubsoorat hain woh ansoo
    jo kisi ke dard ko
    mehsoos kerke beh jae

    khubsoorat hain woh Hath
    jo kisi ko mushkil
    waqat mein tham lein

    khubsoorat hain woh kadam
    jo kisi ki madad ke liye
    aagey badhein !!!!!
    khubsoorat hai woh soch
    jo kisi ke liye acha sochey

    khubsoorat hai woh insan
    jis ko KHUDA ne ye
    khubsoorati adaa ki.

  2. Ek Ajnabi said

    “A thing of beauty is a Joy forever-W. Wordsworth”…..and this creation is a beautiful exposition….
    “Nice and beautiful open book” but beware of the fact that the people like us are expert to have an experience of passing many open book tests….!

    Take care
    Keep Smiling

  3. mehhekk said

    beautiful so rewa is mystory book.nice words dear.

  4. Hi Mehek, thnx for liking my words. Yea, you can say like that 🙂

  5. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    Dear enchanted author
    It was fun reading your poem atleast to me your first composition in english lingo!well it is a good pretext to be open and yet be not accesssible! but what is this cowardly depiction of doom and death—who knows death is an enchanting experience too—-Nevertheless never ever use self pity in verses–you know why death is a ciommodity which is equally accessible to all alive in this world!but life is an arena given to us by almighty to perform and gather applause and accolades–So in all a very good composition carryon rewa, you miles to go before you sleep–[embrace silence]do perform with your full might I await to be the fist to give a ovation–best of luck& blessings
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

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