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Looks like I am jumping into trouble…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 2, 2007

This incident is related with a friend whom I got through our alumni website navodaya.net.. It’s all about the name and its meaning.

We both were chatting and suddenly he asked me the meaning of my name and I told him a meaning as it’s a ‘type of fish’, and I was about to tell him more meaning but before that I was told by him that he is searching the meaning of my name. I was quite happy and let him searched. He was desperately searching the meaning of the name in Google search engine and again on same day he even asked to his Dad. I knew the meaning of the name but I thought of doing some sort of saitaani with him, which I never try to miss to do with few of my very good friends.

On same day I called him up in evening and he started to explain the meanings of the name ‘Rewa – old name of Narmada River, Rewa khanda’ etc…..I was quite listening him with controlling my laughter. However, he is the first and only friend who has told me the correct meaning of my name till now and also I got to know many things which are related with the word of Rewa and Smriti.  Nevertheless, he even did not leave to explain about ‘Narmada Bachaao Aandolan and Medha Patekar’ etc. Ofcourse, he praised a lot for this unique name nd he said, he liked it, that’s why he asked otherwise he would have not asked me. I felt he tried to do research on my name for sometimes. I am happy that kisi nei to name per research karne ki koshish kiya….. 😛

Now I am sure, if he would be reading here that how I tried to make him fool…. he will not leave me for doing such kind of saitaani (naughtiness). But I wish, I do this sort of naughtiness again and again and smile later.

Opppssss…. how could I forget to mention this!? Few of we friends call him ‘Murkhadhiraaj’. 😛 and guess who has given this name to him, its non other than me! Dear readers, don’t you want to know the reason behind this?  Let me tell you…..Actually, his B’day is on 1st of April on the ‘fool day’…. 😉 … and that’s the reason we have given him such a great title. Now I feel…..I need not to put even a little effort to make him fool anymore…. Hmmm…..Looks like I am jumping into trouble…. No, no I am not trying for that…. 😦

Buraaaa naaaa maanoooo holiiii haiiii….!!! 🙂

Note : I am writing the meaning of my name in other category Its only words


3 Responses to “Looks like I am jumping into trouble…!”

  1. santosh gupta said

    it is nice to see the efforts from u guys,i mean it is a welcome step on ur parts,it will really uplift the navodayas guys,reply

  2. “Murkhadhiraaj” 😛

    what a great title given. rewa, i m sure it must hav given by you.

  3. mehhekk said

    hm so rews is naughty girl to.

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