Turning the wheel…

…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

एक हमराह तो है…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 23, 2007

The slow waves sing a song of breaking the silence, sometimes reaches till where I sit but the silence of seashore takes me closer during those times to tell somethings…!

सागर से उठती,
मंद लहरें,
ख़ामोश किनारो को,
स्पर्श कर,
क्षण भर में,
बहुत कुछ कह जाती है,

मैं अकिंचन,
बस देखती रह जाती हूँ,
कितनी उमंगें हें,
इन लहरों में,
पर किनारों की खामोशी,
मुझे अनायास,
अपनी ओर खीच लेती है,

कितनी वेदनायें हें इनमें,
इसे समझना बहुत कठिन है,
शायद इसलिए, 
सभी कहते हें,
ज़िंदगी एक ख़्वाब है,
इससे कोसों दूर रहो,
पर मैं कहती हूँ,
ख़्वाब जीवन का, 
एक हसीन तोहफा है,
यह हक़ीकत से,
थोड़ी दूर ही सही,
किंतु एक हमराह तो है!



7 Responses to “एक हमराह तो है…!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    “per kinaaron ki khaamoshi,
    mujhe anaayaas apni or khich leti hai,
    kitni vednayein hein inmein,
    ise samajhna bahut kathin hai”
    …at this pensive state, we should recall the example of one that works and works even after “continuous beating”……….that is………………..
    our HEART.

    Make your life like the heart……..!

    “per main kahti hoon,
    khawaab zeevan ka ek haseen tohfa hai,
    yeh haqikat se thori door hi sahi,
    kintu ek hamraah to hai..!”
    nice lines …..very touching.
    Life in itself is a big “dream”
    and humans are struggling for millions of the years to fulfil this dream but inspite of being like the Mirage …..it is owr own as we see it in our fictitious world.

    Keep Smiling

  2. Tridib said

    Baap re… Tum toh bahut acchi Hindi likh leti ho… I am sure that I have not understood anything, I guess u can figure out why… But I feel the essence of the whole poem is good, but don’t u think it has lot of trauma instilled in it. Surprising for you to have written such a poem

  3. Hi Tridipda,

    tomar comment pare bhalo laaglo. thank you for that. aami jani tumar problem(i know your problem)

  4. mehhekk said

    awesome,khamosh leherein bhi bahut keh jati hai rewa,sahi.
    sapne to jeevan mein dekhne chahiye hai na.

  5. ginnyg said

    Awesome!! You are good at what you do. Your observations are incredible.

  6. @Mehek, shukriya dear for liking my poem!

    @Ginnyg, thank you so much for appreciating my words!

  7. Sandesh said

    मैं अकिंचन,
    बस देखती रह जाती हूँ,
    कितनी उमंगें हें,
    इन लहरों में,
    पर किनारों की खामोशी,
    मुझे अनायास,
    अपनी ओर खीच लेती है,

    amazing lines !!!

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