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Do I need to take one more birth to fulfill my dream?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 21, 2007

Don’t be surprised if a ‘girl of a gaon’ (village girl) still with traditional values for life is blogging…! This gaon ki girl is not blogging from her gaon but, blogging from a metro city with having a real dream that “kabhi to mere gaon mein Internet aa jayega…” (Someday I will get internet in my village), and I would be able to do voice chat using webcam with my Maa and Papa, and also would be able to see them everyday, which I am unable to do now.

I don’t know when time will come and I would be sitting in the corner of my home, would be bloging and let my maa, papa read it as they are not able to read my blog neither they are able to get my mails now. Though, they know me and my thinking very well but, I and my blog are missing them. Since last few days I am desperately missing my Maa. However, we use to talk everyday on phone, but I just want to see her everyday while talking with her.

Anyway, I am thinking, it is just a matter of accessing the internet which I can not find in my village now. Will this dream of mine come true? Or I need to take one more birth to fulfill this dream?

Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dum nikle….”(thousands of desires, each worth dying for…)



17 Responses to “Do I need to take one more birth to fulfill my dream?”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    I may be a stranger for you and you may not have liked my comments but one should not delete the words of others. I saw some valuable writings on this blog they impressed me and my aim was not to hurt you. If I wrote anything which you didn’t like I apologise for that. This is perhaps my last post on this blog and I hope this time I may not have written anything which is worth hurtening. I promise in future I will not leave any comment on your writings.

    Keep Smiling

    Ek Ajnabi

  2. Mr. Ajnabi,

    I am happy that my words still impress you. I liked your comments, but as you are unable to tell me your identity, so i couldn’t stop myself of removing your comment from my blog. I write with my true identity so hope the same from my readers too.


  3. Ek Ajnabi said

    Thanks for making it clear to me that you liked my comments. See one’s identity should be recognized by his character and not by his name. If you like you can consider ajnabi as not the stranger but my name. I hope you will not erase my words.

  4. Mr. Ajnabi,

    Don’t you think you have used very strong word ‘Character’ here in your comment? I think you have used right word but in wrong place and one should think a lot before using this word. And how do you define once character just in words, in such short span of time? Is it so easy to judge others character just by reading few words?

  5. Dheeraj said

    Bahut accha post hai…
    Padte huye mujhe bhi apni maa ki yaad aa gai…
    i know u r full with confidence..
    so i m sire u will be able to fulfill ur dreamin this birth …

    frm ur brother …Dheeru Bhai.

  6. Ek Ajnabi said

    Ok yes you are right. But my intension behind using this word was not bad. We can not recognize anybody but words can speak effectively. And one can understand one’s thought by reading his/her words.

    Keep Smiling

  7. Shashi said

    Some time we sit and think,..kya aisa ho payega?..many times things are in our contrl..for those type of things, i think changes are there “ki waisa ho payega..jaisa hamne socha hai… bcoz we are the mentor of our fate”.. but when things are on others hand..especially..on the hands of democratically elected gov. then it is very difficult to say..ki didi ham logon ko kitne janam lene padeinge…khwaboon ko poora hote dekhne ke liye

  8. Hi Shashi,

    I appreciate your comment here. Well said..! Honestly speaking, sometimes I feel, we don’t have real soul of democracy, also I have doubt whether it’s applied in India in reality? If we talk about us, I think at this moment we are capable to talk about ‘democracy’ because we have been provided education, but on the other hand in India, most of the people are “functionally analphabets” who can’t question the democracy in the way we are. They even don’t know this word…!

    Really, you again made me to question myself that “Will this dream of mine come true? Or I need to take one more birth to fulfill this dream?”

    Truely saying, you have mentioned very valuable points in your comment.


  9. Anjali said

    I strongly think that the dream is just few steps away and is gonna be reality soon. This has become reality in quite a few villeges. I hope soon ur villege will be added into the list.

    When there can be mobile in villeges then y not interent? Infact, these days u can connect to internet through mobiles. Times are really changing.

    India is the biggest democratic county but I feel that democracy is not what it is in civics books. It is different in practical world. But anyways, I feel it the best option amongst those present in world right now.

    And please let your secret admirer’s posts undeleted. It is gr8 to have people who like your work…even if they don’t want to disclose their identity on net.

  10. roushan said

    Mai ek kadam barhata hoon to hazaar raste nikalte hain
    mai un sab pe chalna chahta hoon.
    Dreaming and getting dreams in the reality and the again dreaming for some thing else, its the way through which life goes on and each day having a dream is just someting which tells that your are getting some of then in real.
    This is the positive thinking which keeps us alive in this world
    trust me you’ll have to have few other dreams for next birth.

  11. Anjali, thanks for your comment dear. I do agree India is world’s largest democratic country. And also belive that what we read in civics books, we find different in practical stage, but the fact is, civics book is a part of our constitution and it must be followed strongly!

    Anyway, soon I will come up with this topic in my different post. Hmmm….Ok, now onward I will not stop my admirers from their comment on my blog!

    Roushan, you are right! Dream is something which make us to move ahead in life. Its like ongoing process and it will come till we alive. We dream and its change into reality and again from that reality of action we dream again. Its truely said by someone that “Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”

  12. Anjali said

    Well said Roushan. Dreams are what give us reason to go on in life. We all have destiny and those who follow their dreams reach destiny.

  13. hello didi
    i c that many ur frnds are commenting here.i guess everbody needs
    some way to flushout their emotions that suppoer may b a person(M/F) ,a thing.so here i think this blog spot is giving u that support.ur emotions are quite natural similar to me..but u seem more emotional than me.

    and one more honest comment.ur every article attarcts many no of comments..this is bcoz u r a girlor may be bcoz ur literary circle is stron or frnds are quite supportive..???

    this article suffice n support that.nice way of presentation.
    all the best for ur endevour.


  14. ruchi said

    Dear Rewa, the reason why your blogs attract so many comments , is because you are such an honest writer…you write straight from the heart…without masking any of your feelings or mincing of words…probably thats what touches so many hearts as there are so many people identifying somewhere someplace with your writing…
    and i surely differ from the fact that the reason for your popularity is your gender as a girl may attract attention to herself simply by her appearance but this is certainly not the case in a literary showmanship…an author/showman can attract and bind his readers/audience only if there is that something appealing in his/her writing…and i think that appeal in your writing is your honesty, your ability to laugh at your own self and last but not the least your capacity to weave your beautiful thoughts in simple flowing words.Kudos to you and to your writing, Ms. Rewa!!

  15. mehhekk said

    jara ruk ja meri gaon ki goriya,ab wo din bhi dur nahi,khwahish teri hongi puri.

  16. ginnyg said

    Your thoughts are a precious commodity they let you see where you have been and where you are going from there. Please do me a favor, do not listen when someone gives you some bad press. Keep on steeping your thoughts are soothing.

  17. @Ginnyg, first of all welcome you @ my blog world and thanx a lot for appreciating my thoughts. I really liked your words very much. Once again thanks a lot!

    Also thanks to all of my friends for their kind words here!


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