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I realized I am in love…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 18, 2007

When you see someone love you without conditions, It happens when you are miles away from your family, and It happnes in all walks of life. Yea, it happens when someone always with you to make you feel happy and laugh. I am with my love….! Don’t get confused…..I am talking about my Lappy….The laptop, my sweetu is making me to enjoy my life these days, bcos i am quite away from my home, brothers, sisters nd friends and this sweetu makes me most often to be in touch with them and also see them and their lovely smiles.  So, my evergreen love dear lappy has changed my life…! Now, this is becoming my sounding board and support.

Filhaal I hope, ‘jeena isi ka naam hai’. 🙂



22 Responses to “I realized I am in love…!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    gr8 n gr8……carry forward your love with the lappy as in the present age it is more than an all time companion….”You are not always made for it, but, it is surely always made for you”.
    ………why not? afterall, Love with anything in any sense, is a nice experience.

    with best wishes…….:)

  2. Ek Ajnabi said

    Hi….good to be in love with good things but don’t forget “Gravity can not be held responsible for people falling in Love”….So if sometimes your cute love irritates you, find out whome to blame then….(then don’t say it “alvida”)….!

    With best wishes…..

  3. *Ajnabi tum kuchh jaane pahchaane se lagte ho..!!!

    Anyway, thanks for your comments and best wishes…. Could you please take pain to tell me your name??

  4. Ek Ajnabi said

    Just “Ek Ajnabi”…..what to do with the name…..? Was browsing internet,found some quotes, probably your own writings….Was delighted to read them…..hope to meet you soon…………Keep smiling…..:)

  5. Shashi said

    great aap bhi apne lappy se itna pya karti ho…maine bhi blog kiya hai apne sweeto ke liye” my comp. ”
    you know what..every one in this world of individualism..feels very happy and light, talking to inanimate things..especially with electronic gadgets.

  6. Manoj said

    but ye copyrights ka ghanghor ullanghan hai
    koi mujhe pyaar se SWEETU bulaati hai aur tumne lappy ko sweetu bola, jinda nahi chhodoonga, case kar doonga, court tak le jaaoonga..dekh lena

  7. Manoj, fir dhamki!! Main tumhara dhamki sun -sun kar ab pak chuki hun and you know, jo garajta hai wo barasta nahi. Noooo way, give me a breakkkkk! I love my sweetu and its an unconditional love! So, in the same spirit…I am yelling a loud……’this sweetu has changed my life.’ Waise koun hai woh bala jo tumhe pyaar sey is upnam sey bulati hai? 😉

    Shashi, yes main ise pyar se sweetu bulati hun and I am in love with my sweetu.

  8. Veerendra said

    Main apke love ki battery aur RAM nikal loonga…fir dekhte hain yeh love kab tak rahta hai :).
    since I dont have a laptop..I wont call lappy a love. I feel jealous of it. However..I love my heavy computer.:)

  9. Dino said

    ham bhi agar laptop hote ,ham bhi agar laptop hote ,naam hamara hota lappy vappy,aur kahne wale hamko kahte “i love u”……..
    just joking…. 😉

  10. Veerendra, tum to mere sweetu ke dusman banne ki baat kar rahe ho! Plz don’t feel jealous of my sweetu and do enjoy wid ur heavy comp so called dabba…. 😛

    Dino ji, manti hun intzar ki ghari lambi hoti hai but wait kijiye bahut jaldi kahne wali aapko yeh bhi kah dalegi.

    Filhal let me enjoy with my sweetu!

  11. veerendra said

    apka pyar apke pas ekdam salamat wapas aayega (bina tute fute). uska bada bhai (Mera dabba) bhi yahi dua kar raha hai.

  12. veerendra said

    Her love is out of her home..everyone seems to have ennjoying this judai. Her love is a half-living creature called lappy and dont take this otherwise. Credit goes to chunnu for the loot 🙂
    This robbery will bring peace and harmony in the world of internet for couple of days 🙂 I know I am heading up in her hit list..but truth remains bitter 🙂
    didi …enjoy cooking and TV 🙂

  13. For the past few weeks Veerendra is trying to fly in the sky! I came to realized he is making fun of me and my sweetu setting apart! How dare you say like that?

    You might not have known this, but for your kind information my sweetu has come back to me! Don’t fly in the sky, come back to earth….and now see what my dearest, sweetest, cutest, bubbly lappy would do to you! 😉

    I was just waiting for ripe time to come for we(me and my lappy) will take revenge….hihihihehehe 😛

  14. Nishat said

    rewa, i can realize that your most lovable thing is your lappy aliance sweetu. your sweetu is came back and you forget me. this is not fair that you are not talking to me and bz with your sweetu. 😦

    but it is good to see u in love with ur sweetu. keep loving.

  15. veerendra said

    See this is how the world behaves. There was a time when this lappy (half living dibiya) was infected with maggot sort of virus and it was me and my dabba whose hearted blessings gave back life to this naughty and “hila hua” lappy. But some people dont want to pay thanx but to torture innocent myself in the name of revenge 🙂
    The almighty knows everything and will grant my dabba with extra hard disk and memory for the denent job it did in saving a lappy. The daddy of that lappy ie my dabba knows weak points in his son and may destroy it anytime he wants. BEWARE 🙂

  16. Pankaj Kishore said

    I liked ur article on Dasrah Manjhi.But at the same time u should like living things rather than liking lifeless thing like laptop, ur life will change foreever!

  17. Hi Pankaj,

    Welcome to my blog world. Nice to read your comment. Undoubtly, you are absolutely right.

    The family and friends are the most important in my life. As I am far from them so my sweet lappy keeping me in touch with them. And most important thing is, I have an important, special and larger space in my heart for living things who are ‘close to my heart’. 🙂

    waise kya kahun ‘dil hai ki manta nahi’, 😉 I simply love my lappy……filhal jeena isi ka naam hai. 🙂

    You know when my trusty lappy is getting me down bcoz of some reason, I sing a little song for my sweetu… 🙂


  18. amu said

    really. ye apka sweetu to bade kamal ka hai.sach yahi to hai jo hame hamare apno se dur rahkar bhi paas hone ka ehsaas dilata hai.humse dher sari baten share karta hai.
    ” The family and friends are the most important in my life. As I am far from them so my sweet lappy keeping me in touch with them. And most important thing is, I have an important, special and larger space in my heart for living things who are ‘close to my heart’. ”
    wah kya line likhi hai.isse pata chalta hai ki aap ka dil kitna pyara hai.
    waise aap mere liye koi naya nam soch lijiye,plz.

  19. Dear amu, so sweet of you….sahi kaha hai…aaj agar mera yeh sweetu nahi rahta to main tujhse bhi daily baat nahi kar pati…..or na hi itna sara tera pics dekh pati……hmm…mera dil itna bada bhi nahi hai…but tum jaise pyari sister ho to dil kisi ka bhi bada hona chahiye….chalo tera name maine soch liya hai…bataun publically? waise ek cute bachchi ka name cute sa hi hona chahiye. Really, Now I miss Delhi….at least ham wahan milte to the…will meet soon.

  20. mehhekk said

    jodi bani rahein,aashirwad hai beta

  21. Shukriya ji…bus mehek(mate) aapka ashirwad mil gaya, ab dekhiye hamdono ki jodi bhi saat janmon tak bani rahegi.hihiihi… 😛

  22. mehhekk said

    saath janam mein hi picha nahi chodungi behna janam janam teri pichi hi rahungi.

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