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Say hay boke mahnhe pahdu chusipseyo..!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 16, 2007


“Say hay boke mahnhe pahdu chusipseyo…!”

The meaning of the greeting “say hay” means ‘New Year’, “boke” means ‘blessings’, “mahnhe” means ‘a lot’ and “pahdu chusipsaeyoh”, ‘please receive’. It literally means “Please receive many New year’s blessings.”

Many New Year’s blessings to you…!

Chinese Lunar New Year(Chun jie) is the most important festival in countries such as China, Korea, etc. Festivals take place between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19, beginning with the new cycle of the moon. Today is Maha Shivratree in India and I have four days holiday in my office, of course not for Maha Shivratree but, for a New Year festival which is celebrated in China, Korea and other few Asian countries too.

I remembered when i was doing my graduation in JNU; being a Korean language student, I used to get special taste of some Korean food and culture on these occasions. I too am celebrating this festival in India now. Does it make sense?? Surprised Na…! You must be laughing at me…don’t laugh more….I feel, I am at the real stage of my profession now. 🙂

Anyway, it is totally unplanned holidays for me….I am thinking, what I have to do in these five days. And I thought of spending my time by sleeping, reading novels, chatting and blogging etc.

Now, I am taking rest with deep sleep, sitting and reading novels etc. I am doing all work togather, I am busy in chatting on the internet with my bro, sis and friends. This way I am enjoying this festival with fun… Its imazine…! And hope, I would not be getting bored. 

So, dear readers, welcome to the world of Korea…!!

감사하십시요.. 🙂


7 Responses to “Say hay boke mahnhe pahdu chusipseyo..!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    It is nice to know that in the modern time big rat race, there are people like you who still manage to find time for celebrating festivals…carry on…with your enthusiasm and dignity….and you will always come up with an intense delectation….with best wishes……:)

  2. mehhekk said

    u reminded me i hv to finish one novel,hm today sunday i will take it over now then.ha ha thanks.can u tell me what in korean bhasha mehek is called as?

  3. mehhekk said

    its nice to enjoy holidays to sometimes,keep it up.

  4. Hi Mehek, hmmm I think you must have completed a novel as of now. thnx for your comment dear…. You know this time I again got a week holidays for same fest but this time i have done some fruitful work and will put that on my blog soon.

    Hey mehek(fragrance) means – 향기(hyangi).

    Mehek는 한국어로 향기가 있다 – [Mehek ko korean mein hyangi kahte hein] 🙂

  5. mehhekk said

    hyangi hm shukriya rews batane ke liye,haanji hamara novel samapth ho gaya hai.very nice u did some fruitful work in holidays.kabhi chutiyan aisi bhi sahi kyun.

  6. Mehek wo maine meaning bataya hai….but name ko waise hi pronounce kiya jayega jaise hum english or hindi mein karte hen. Yani ‘Mehek’ ko ‘Mehek’ kahkar hi bulayenge korean mein. 🙂

  7. mehhekk said

    hmmmm achha hua keh diya varna hum apne sakhi se keh hi rahe the hume hyangi pukarna ha ha

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