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Kuch saal pahle yeh baat hui thee…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 11, 2007

I was chatting with my childhood friend Pankaj Dutta….he was in my class in section ‘B’….but in class 11th he was shifted to other section. I remembered a funny incident related to him…:)

Kuch saal pahle yeh baat hui thee…..one day pankaj came to class without puting his shoes in his legs……It was Chemistry period and Chemistry teacher (Ali Sir, now principal in jnv darbhanga) came to class. Before started teaching us, he took a walk in whole class. He was roaming and asking questions from chemistry book to everybody…and he saw pankaj without shoes….he went near to pankaj and asked a question…pankaj just got up to answer of his question, nd then suddenly, sir passed a lovely comment on him…..“Pankaj, Aapke paon dekhe….Bahut haseen hain….Inhe jamin pe mat utariyega…..Maile ho jayenge..!!” 🙂 Actually this dailogue has been told to Meena kumari for her legs by Rajkumar in movie ‘Pakeezah’. All were started to laughhhh hahahaha…..Pankaj sharm se sir jhuka diya tha. As I was not in class…but this funny incident was told to me by my friends in hostel…..and we all were laughing like anything nd still whenever we friends meet, we laugh alot after recalling all these unforgetable moment of school. And during our chat, I asked pankaj that do u remember this incident…..1st he said big Noooo…..‘aisa nahi hua tha, mujhe nahi bole the sir’….but later when I said him jhooth mat bolo then he accepted and said ‘haannn……sir nei mujheee hiii kahaaa thaaa’ 😉



4 Responses to “Kuch saal pahle yeh baat hui thee…!”

  1. Hilarious incident 😀

    Waise pankaj ke paun to dekhe nahi hain maine 😉 par tumhari likhne ki saili achhi hai, apne kalam ko mat rokna. Hope to read more funny incidents.

  2. ashish said

    Pankaj kaise ho suna class main aaj kal tum sleeper pehan ke aa rahe ho. kahin tumahara ideal person rakhi sawant to nahi?? ab ye batao aisa sangeen kam kisne kiya ki tumhe chppal chodna pada. tu fikra mat kar bata mujhe. tumhi socho jab tumhen sleeper main class aana allowed kar diya to it is really serious matter. main sabhi ko strictly warn kar doonga ki koi bhi anap sanap tumhe na kahe aur na hi poll khole akhir hamlog tumahare class mates hein. ok, phir milte hein break ke baad ya kuchh nayi ummeedon ke sath. mujhe kafi afsos ho raha hai, kash main wahan us time hota to decipline maintain karta….

  3. pankaj said

    Actually I m being a futuristic
    I at that time followed maqbool fida hussain
    the great artist
    he sheldom even wears a sleeper too

  4. mehhekk said

    khate mithhe pal,nice.

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