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One close to my heart in real life.

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 4, 2007

The poem “Jo beet gayi so baat gayi”…is very close to my heart…The most complicated facts which expressed in very simple way by Late Shri Harivansh Rai Bachhan. I simply love this poem.

*Jo beet gayi so baat gayi…

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi
jeevan mein ek sitara tha
maana woh behad pyara tha
woh doob gaya to doob gaya
ambar ke aanan ko dekho
kitne iskey taare toote 
kitne iskey pyare choote
jo choot gaye phir kahan mile
par bolo toote taaron par 
kab ambar shok manaata hai
jo beet gayi so baat gayi…..

jeevan mein woh tha ek kusum
they us par nitya nichavar tum
woh sookh gaya to sookh gaya
madhuvan ki chaati ko dekho
sookhi kitni iski kaliyan
murjhaayi kitni ballariyaan
jo murjhaayi woh fir kahan khili
par bolo sookhe phoolon par
kab madhuban shor machaata hai
jo beet gayi so baat gayi…

jeevan mein madhu ka pyala tha
tumney tan mann de daala tha
woh toot gaya to toot gaya
madiralay ke aangan ko dekho
kitne pyale hil jaate hain
gir mitti mein mil jaate hain
jo girte hain kab uthte hain
par bolo toote pyalon par
kab madiraalay pachtaata hai
jo beet gayi so baat gayi…

mridu mitti key hain bane hue 
madhu ghoot phoota hi kartey hain
laghu jeevan lekar aaye hain
pyaale toota hi karte hain
fir bhi madiraalay key andar
madhu kay ghat hain
madhu pyaale hain
jo maadakta kay maare hain
woh madhu loota hi kartay hain
woh kachcha peene wala hain 
jiski mamta ghat pyaalon par
jo sachchey madhu se jala hua
kab rota hai chillaata hai
jo beet gayi so baat gayi…

Thanks for the woderful piece to Bachhan ji.


One Response to “One close to my heart in real life.”

  1. shprachi said

    Love this poem. I recently added it to my blog and it showed me the link to yours. Looks like you have a lot more hindi poems. Will definitely read them.

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