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Bus yaadein rah jaati hein…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 28, 2007

I was in class 9th and had been migrated to JNV, Betnoti, Orissa (now in shalboni) from jnv katihar, Bihar. For my batch, It was first “Holi festival” there with them. Before two or three days of Holi, we all girls and junior boys thought of doing some masti kind of things. As we all girls were staying in 2nd floor and junior boys (class 6th to 7th) was staying with us in 1st floor in same building. We had decided to perform Cultural Program in our hostel after evening prayer, except our 10th class didis(appa) as they were having 10th board exam at that time. We all gathered on the top floor of our hostel and few of our teachers were also there with us. We asked our juniors to perform something and do whatever they wish to do like dance, drama, song or any kind of cultural activities. They were performing according to their own choices. Suddenly, one of my junior ‘Madhusmita’ started to dance by singing a song ‘Ladki hai kya rewa appa, uski adaa rewa appa’. Actually the correct song is like this ‘ladki hai kya re baba, uski adaa re baba’ from some movie. I don’t remember exact name of that movie, but the thing is in place of ‘Re Baba’ she replaced ‘rewa appa’ (appa means didi in Oriya) and after that all were started to sing same line. And the best part is, whenever I got angry with them, they started to sing ‘ladki hai kya rewa appa, uski adaa re baba’ and made me to laugh.

It is an unforgetable episode of my life. I still laugh whenever I remember this funniest moment of my childhood and now I am missing those precious days. 

“Yeh daulat bhi le lo…..yeh sohrat bhi le lo…..bhale chhin lo mujhse meri jawani…..magar mujhko lauta do bachpan ki yaadein……..!”



6 Responses to “Bus yaadein rah jaati hein…!”

  1. tariqzaman said

    Rewa is my net friend. she has deep sense of humor. Her memories are really cute posted in a nice way. I was impressed by her approach and well mannered talk. More cute is a practical approach rather than just ideas. I hope we will see more from Rewa. Keep it up

    Dr Tariq Zaman
    friend from Seoul Koreea

  2. hi didi,
    really lovely incident.keep going.
    i hav many unforgettable memories of JNV life.that why i am such a multi dimensionla person.though at that time no 1 realized.
    two similar incidents i m describing here.
    first one
    i hav my 1 batchmate who use to stammer rather i say :TUTLANA”.even tho he was not sokid like but his speak make us lought.one day we comelled him to sing a song by our repeatd demand in the class.the poor guy sang.the song goes like this”nayak nahi khalnayak hoon main..dil hi bada dukh dayak hoon main..and nw the funniest part ::”IS PYAR KA MUJH KHOKHA KHABAR.” bas yaar nafrat ke layak hoon main..n we all busrt into lafter. the actula line is..”is pyyar ka mujhko kya khabar..”.n story doen’t end here..poor chap got his nick as KHOKHA KHABAR. hahhahahhaha

    second incident
    i used 2 b very serious guy in my JNV days.in exam i nider use 2 take help nor use 2 give.so i was always cursed by my batchmates ,specially d females bcoz deir seduction never worked on me.

    so d same poor chap .once asked me in d exam.he keep repeating..”hey bhartiji ..batao na plz..”.helpless i was n so i got irritated n screamed.”IDIOT”..n he wrote d same IDIOT as ans. u cant bliv when mam saw dat script she kept loufing n she asked him hw dat happened.he singles out me as criminal for dat unforgettable offence.i told her dat mam ..actualy i scolded him..its his foult.realizng d fun we all kep lafing for many days.

    nw dat poor chap is d samrt guy ..having learnt KORIAN language 4m JNU..he is in KORIA.


  3. hi didi,
    i hv a honest quiry..
    u hav said in this article dat u all reside on th 2nd floor of d hostel n in d 1st floor were..guys of 6-7th class.it seems so strange.did administration dere allow dat.it must b quite messy thing.bcoz i m well aware dat hw romantic n mischievious we JNVians are..specially d GUYS..so ny thing interesting related 2 dis topic.
    plz mention dis here..!!!!!

    i m specialized writter in d female things n romanticism.so may b dis will help me in my future charachter development in my stories..!!!

    Arun Bharti

  4. Ranjan Kumar Behera said

    Its really touchy..i was one of them who used to call Rewa Didi..the way she described whole episode..It was during the period when LADLA was released (starring Anil kapur and Sridevi)..we are all staying in the ladies hostel.(dont get confused as we are staying in the first floor) this is because we dont have enough space in Boys Hostel..So Rabba di was known to be a strict fella..so we sing that song more often to irritate her..some times she really looses it and give us some..good and well deserved scolding..But i am not sure whether this song was first started bu Madhusmita..whatever be the reason wherever be the starting point ..we all enjoyed this incident be at giving end or be at receiving end..

    love ya..

    Contact details:
    Deputy manager

  5. Arun,

    lovly incident mentioned by you…’KHOKHA KHABAR’….hehehhe.:)

    Now ans of your honest query:)
    our new building was in under construction at that time, so we were living in same building but in different floor. We had common Dinning hall with common timings for boys and girls in 1st floor itself. They were very innocent juniors and sometimes both boys nd gals used to fight among themselves and do very funny talk and kabhi-2 to gals and guuys ke beech thappar/chaata bhi chal jata tha then chata khane wala/wali came to complain us.;)

    Actually gals have a separate hostel in new building where we had been shifted later during my class 10th.

  6. mehhekk said

    very very sweet memories rews.

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