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Just homemaker…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 27, 2007

My friend Roushan scraped me yesterday on orkut that “hey tumhare blog me itne din se kuchh aya kyo nahi.” and again Sonu asked “why you are not writing in your blog since long time.”

Many times I thought, I should continue my writing on blog and was unable to do it. But today, I am remembering an incident which happened with me and I thought of putting it here in my blog.

Few years back I was traveling to my home town for Chhath Puja with one of my friend. I and my co passenger a lady both was talking and in between she told me she left job bcoz she wants to take care of her child. And suddenly she was asked by a gentle man that what do you do now? “You can say a gentle man as this kind of man always believe to be called a gentleman” 🙂 She just told that I droped my job and now I am taking care of my child and husband. But that person given a smile and said “so you are just homemaker now!”

Then that person turned into me and asked me are you also going to do same? As I did not get him so I asked, what do you mean? He repeated “so what will you do if you will have to stop working?” I simply answered “I will be a mother 24X7 on the frontlines of humanity day and night.”  When he heared my answer, he replied immediately saying ‘what about your education and career’? He also asked me that ‘what about your talent’? Nevertheless, he said, it means it is wasting of time and money by leaving job! However, I asked him ‘do you think that leaving job and staying home to take care of a child is the wastage of time, money and talent’? I said, I dont think so! Because I feel potential money making is not just proves our talent!

However, I asked him that if you don’t mind could I ask you a simple question? He said, yea sure! Having smily face I asked to that gentleman “Are you up to it?” 🙂 He was shocked as he was not expecting this question from me. And he said, “No…. it’s very difficult to leave job and I can’t do this!” Then I told him most of we women up to it but their work continues go to unacknowledged by you people who pass comment very easily “just homemaker!”. Do you think we women are ‘just’ homemaker? He was silent and was not able to answer of a simple question of mine.

Women have a lot of strength and who some times dare to make changes. Everybody knows that a woman is the strongest point of the family. We women are made of tough stuff and one need to keep realizing that. Just know this fact, use it and see how easy life becomes….!

Dear Readers, you might be thinking that I am a feminist, but it doesn’t mean you have to think that I am anti-man. Let me tell you, I am not a feminist, nor do I have much knowledge about “Feminism!”


7 Responses to “Just homemaker…!”

  1. Refering 2 ur article..”when-past-comes-into-present”
    i m compelled 2 write a comment here.I m commenting here as a MAN.so my way of saying will b very different.
    women r always mother n its a thing 2 feel proud!!!when de r wid deir kids dey r like so..but else where de r simply a women so deir charachter camaflages.
    dey r center of d family.dey r d adeshive..but sadly history has many chapters in blak pages..only wrriten by deir cheap breaking of dis mith.many good families.hav been trashed in parts only bcoz of deir evil dids.
    when u say “You can say a gentle man as men always feel they are gentlemen.”..its 1 side story..men r readable but..women r so complex in every sense..biologically,genetically,in character,in socialism n wot not..so dey r not readble..its a pthetic situation..in minutes dey can b savitri but inoder minute dey can b kaikayi..!!! list of such blakliters r numerous n not 2 mention..!!!!but at least we men r readble so hopeful situation..!!!!
    i can rite an epic on deir doings.de always misuse deir strenths..n we r cursed 2 b attracted by dat..!!!its a copelling situation!!!dey can b good moder,good sister som times good wife..but dese r liitle of deir goodness..proof is dere..we hav so many gr8 poets.de admire deir beauty.but most of dem r prey of deir betrayal.when u r hurt den ur’s pure thing comout..love is immortal n precious..but its a only drop of hope in d sea of betrayal..only dis coz drive dem crazy 2 do somthing big..!!!!
    so u can say de r our inspiration..but i say de r compultion..de r our destiny..4m d very birth 2 d end of dis life..we always encounter dem..mostly in kaikayi way..!!!!!

    so i say..”women r our creater..den de bring us 4 m crawling 2 running..den dey chase us n make us run till we die a tragic death..dat death may b mental,physical.or emotional.
    so women creater destroyer..socialy,characheraly n emotionaly..”

    sorry ,if u feel bad..but i hav written dese thins only as a man..not as ur younger broder!!!!
    but u keep posting..dis is rt way 2 bring n console ur heart out..in enjoy or in sorrow..!!!
    Best Of LUCk..!!! Thumbs Up..!!!

  2. shweta said

    the tag “just” homemaker is something which had drawn my eyes and then i could not suppress my smile. i still remember the day when it was a crucial time for me to decide whta i want from life. i had many choices in hand. and i was pretty happy and confused at the same time. what i want from life? to be a lawyer, to be a management student, to join administrative services or to be a psychologist. many things were there to choose from. my mother was there to say its totally your decision. what you think is of ur interest and what u think is best for you sholud be ur choice. and there was my dad to say that “beta whatever you will choose you will have to be a milestone in that field and i am not talking abut ur academics even if you dont become a corporate women or a famous lawyer it hardly matters. even if you have to be a homemaker be bets in taht as that is the toughest job. whatever you have gt todat, whatever opportunities you are getting and for these many choices in your hand its not you but your mother who is responsible. ” for my father my mother isnot just a homemaker she is his friend philosopher and guide a companion who helps him to travel teh paths of life
    for me my mother is every thing. i simply worship that lady and i am sure i couldnt have gt a better mother.
    my mother had left her job too and that was just a moment when i came back from school nd found her there. she had taken leave that day nd the happiness she saw on my face made her left her job. she wanted to greet me everyday when i come back from school.
    i am not saying fathers dont have this in them but can youcompare urself to a mother????? and for god sake stop using”just ” before homemaker as they are not just.

  3. Arun…I wouldn’t like to argue with whatever reasons or names you have mentioned in your comment….Its your views, i respect everybody’s views. So,i do not like to involve myself in any kind of arguement.

    Shweta, exactly the tag ‘just’ made me to reply to that gentleman in that way.

  4. S.Vinod Meena said

    I dont know the background which forced u to write it..but it may b just a situational one , else ur way to express anger towards male community ,or else your worry about the indian female societal ironies..if u share the last one,i feel u change ur profession and really do something commendable…

  5. Rewa Smriti said


    I think you have not got me what i mean to say. Well, let me tell you, whatever I have written in above that happened in reality. And a man, who doesn’t know to respect a woman, I do not think he even deserves my anger. However, changing profession doesn’t mean always support men’s ideology and boost their ego.

    I personally think and understand the logic of man and woman and also feel they should use their maximum knowledge of their education and brain by acknowledging the devotion towards family and work, instead of letting others down by using such words “just homemaker”.

    To add as i told in my earlier comment i would not like to involve myself in any argument.

  6. mehhekk said

    hmmmm interesting post and comments to
    but in this thinking i am with u rews.

  7. Nice site….

    Wasn’t looking for this, but great stuff….

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