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Life’s lessons are often as important as life…!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 25, 2006

Life is just like a book but it is not easy for anybody to read it out and finish it on time. A book which has many chapters and each chapter contained a good lesson and stand alone. Similarly, life’s lessons are often as important as life. If I look closely, I can almost see myself learning and getting lessons from each chapter. When I close my eyes, I find a different image of my self. I myself am saying, I must dance in storm, I must walk on thorny path, and I must face this world with spirit. Although I am not a person who have straight path but long way to go.

The biggest lesson I learnt is to share my difficulties and fears within my heart to get over them and face up to the world. Once you prepare your mind to fight against the difficulties, nothing is impossible. Hmmm its sounds good nothing is impossible, but it’s better to put it in this way, IMPOSSIBLE itself suggest “I M Possible”.

I believe everything that happens in life has a purpose; you just need to pick up the signs. Even a small incident of my life helped me a lot, I accepted it. I obtained such a gem of knowledge from within myself that I can’t think one thing that I should be sad about anything:) 


3 Responses to “Life’s lessons are often as important as life…!!!”

  1. Prem said


    Nice to see you writing. All the wishes for the blog.

    Have you read ‘The Alchemist’! This post is somewhere playing with the strings of the same. Read that to believe.

  2. mehhekk said

    rews life is a very diff book yaar true.still need to learn the lessons to pass.

  3. nidhi said

    even the tinest thing in life happens for a purpose and even the least important thing may teach u d biggest lesson of life…sometimes we blame the suitation why that thing happened but u know time can only tell u that ,that thing have taught u to be strong enough to face the reality and stand up for urself.butone thing that is unshaken is that “Whatever happens happens for the good” bhagwan ji jo karte hain ache ke lia karte hain…

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