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There are few questions without any answers!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 24, 2006

I used to write Hindi poems when I was pursuing my Graduation in JNU and my best friend Ruchi used to read it. I don’t know exactly when I stopped writing, but as I remember I stopped it after my Post Graduation. Suddenly, few months back Ruchi asked me Are You Writing Poems? It was surprising for me, she wanted to know Why. My silence was shocking for her and she desperately asked me ‘Why I discontinued writing!?’ I didn’t have an answer of her lovely question! Sometimes, there are few questions without any answers, and then I simply just told her I will start writing again. But the best thing is her Question left a lasting impression on my heart.

Her inquisitiveness and question could not stop me from continuing writing……!

5 Responses to “There are few questions without any answers!”

  1. Ruchi said

    Rewa…you know I had always admired you for small but special things..you might not be aware but your poems in their simple words would always convey to me the deeper meanings of life!! they were wells of strenght for me. So when you stopped writing , it came as a set back for me…I had always associated your beautiful existence with the simple and touching poems you wrote. I always knew they were your strength…and I could not see you losing your strength. As you say , some questions dont have an answer ..but I think you answered my question by starting to write again…and this time I hope there shall be many other lucky people/readers to appreciate this strength of yours!!

  2. Rewa

    I can simply say that I love and respect your writings.
    As they say: whatever you write is reflected as your mental standard & your creations ultimately compell me to say that you are great.
    One suggestion: Keep on shaping your thinking like this….and don’t make a big gap like you did in past….continue to write.
    Thanks for making these wonderful creations available for us
    Wish you all the best

  3. vinod said

    i am simple impressed.i wish i meet u personally one day.

  4. Dear Rewa,

    It is always better to write than read. I hope, you will continue to write till I understand it. Thanks

  5. mehhekk said

    likhti rahiye aap rews,bahut achha sachha mann hai aapka

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